The list

I’m bad at keeping secrets! These are the releases I’ve worked on so far as Mingue, Ming’s Pretty Heroes or ssst… incognito:

  • I wanna be – Giorgo Sainz & Distant Natured (vocals) SIRUP MUSIC
  • Bigger than this – LVNDSCAPE ft. Mingue (co-written, vocals) SPINNIN’ DEEP
  • Hold On – Going Deeper ft. Mingue (co-written, vocals) FLAMINGO RECORDINGS
  • All My Tomorrows – Mike Candys (co-written, vocals) SIRUP MUSIC
  • Take me away – Crystal Lake (co-written, vocals) ARMADA MUSIC
  • Stars – Mathieu Koss ft. Mingue (co-written, vocals) SOURCE
  • Missing (the remixes) – EDX ft. Minge (vocals) SPINNIN’ RECORDS
  • Riverbank AM mix – Bolier & Mingue (co-written, vocals) SPINNIN’ DEEP
  • Riverbank – Bolier & Mingue (co-written, vocals) SPINNIN’ DEEP
  • Winter is the warmest time of year – Gerard Joling (co-written, backing vocals)
  • Baby Love – Mingue ft. Teus Nobel (written, produced, vocals) MODERN! SAVIOR! ALIVE!
  • Feel the Moon – Minge, Alexander van Popta (co-written, vocals) MODERN! SAVIOR! ALIVE!
  • Golden Years – Gerard Joling (co-written, backing vocals)
  • Roots and Bones – Ming’s Pretty Heroes (album with eleven songs written, produced, vocals) COAST TO COAST
  • Karma – Ming’s Pretty Heroes (album with twelve songs written, produced, vocals) COAST TO COAST
  • Ok Mr. Mix – Ming’s Pretty Heroes (album with twelve songs written, produced, vocals) COAST TO COAST
  • Cut Off From Gravity – Ming’s Pretty Heroes (EP with five songs written, produced, vocals)