A stripped version of Remedy by Zonderling ft. Mingue!

Zonderling, a name by now everyone must know from their crazy hit, Crazy! Zonderling collaborated with the already quite successful Lost Frequencies and the artists managed to combine their signature sounds. For Zonderling that is of course the magnificent synth sound!

You might remember the Zonderling ft. Mingue release called Remedy. With over a million Spotify streams we thought we’d collected enough fans of the song to drop a new version: the stripped version! We let the emotion of the lyrics speak and gave the song a new production. Piano and orchestra arrangements combined with beats, my own 2 cents and -we wouldn’t wanna release it without it- that lovely signature synth sound. Please add it to your playlists and LET IT IN! <3

Out now in Spinnin’ Records. With special thanks to co writer and producer Tony Verdult and pianist Alex van Popta.