Where it all began

Mingue, formerly known as Ming’s Pretty Heroes is a one of a kind songstress and presence in nowadays musical landscape. Known for her sweet melodies and her warm and crystal clear voice, already her career has been a creative journey through different genres. With her Heroes she released three albums full of mystic, sensitive and beautiful songs, always dressed with creative productions. After Mingue was presented with the opportunity to compose twelve new pieces for a modern dance company, she flirted with the electronic elements for the first time.

On the following album grand pianos, violins and a few electronic beats were blended together. The result was a new starting point for Mingue who aimed to set foot in the world of electronic music. Soon enough Mingue came across some life changing collaborations and made her entrance into the dance/pop scene through releases with renowned producer and dj EDX as well as with the talented Bolier.

Mingue is constantly writing and recording with different producers and writers towards releases on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Armada, Aftercluv and Flamingo Recordings. Mingue is a many times over featured artist who hasn’t lost her ambition to once again release new work as a solo artist. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for news on new releases and the upcoming Mingue EP!

Pictures by Barry Marré.