Dj Set with live vocals!

My experience with live music has always varied from playing by myself (piano, vocals plus effects) to playing with a full band. My band is made up by a drummer, bassist, keyplayer, violinist and of course myself on vocals. With this band we perform all the Mingue releases plus many more. Our performances are best described as Electric meets Organic. Playing with my boyband will always be an important part of my musical career, but!

I’ve added a fantastic new option the Mingue party! A few months ago, after receiving my first night club bookings, I teamed up with DJ Edgar. You will hear the beats and productions as they were meant by the producers, deep and danceable! I still bring all my vocal effects to every show and discovered that I get to go full on vocal even more with this set up. So don’t be shy… Have a cool event coming up? You choose!

Mingue Solo (for more intimate settings)

Mingue XL (band set-up for concert settings, parties, festivals)

Mingue’s DJ Set w/ live vocals (suitable for everything!)