Escuchalo Ya! Passengers of the night, out now on AFTERCLUV

A collaboration born at the ADE Spotify writing camp resulted in this brand new release on AFTERCLUV. Writers Will Knox, Stijn Versteeg and I then wrote a guitar song, no beats in mind, just a feeling. Later on Famba and Eche Palante worked on a pretty great production and AFTERCLUV / AFTERCLUB DANCELAB signed the track.

Passengers of the night is a song for people who feel better when they are lost in the night. It’s romantic, full of shadows, good and bad; but a preferred reality. It’s a shame when the day arrives, because the night has so much to give. A collection of fragments of feelings, wishes and thoughts that exist only in the night. Though, as it turns out, the love for this time a day, might be a symptom of actually running from something.

Add it to all of your playlists and dance into the night!